About Us

About Us

Our SG escort agency is founded because we saw that there were many gaps in the local SG escort industry by service providers.

Here are some of the big problems that clients in this industry faced:

  • Lots of escort agencies and independent websites were utilizing stolen images and fake photographs and passing off as their own.
  • Unethical ‘agents’ only know how to cosy up to you and then recommend you girls with bad reviews or you simply do not like – and they falsely call such unethical behaviors as ‘relationship building’ (what BS by fake people).

Girls also faced a lot of issues when trying to work in this industry:

  • Unethical agents either receive money for and/or secretly share full face photographs and completely revealing the girls’ faces & identities to clients against the escorts’ wishes.
  • A lot of ‘businesses’ and websites are unregistered or wrongly registered (under random categories) with ACRA. They also under report their taxes illegally, resulting in them being shut down and unethically causing their girls to completely lose the income these escort girls were depending on overnight.

We seek to get rid of all these problems caused by unethical agents who only care about one party – themselves.

Taking into account ALL stakeholders’ opinions and thoughts, we seek to:

  • Provide the most accurate and least censored photographs and only recommend great reviewed escorts to clients so our clients can have a great time with our social escorts.
  • Strictly protect all of our girls’ privacy whatsoever under all circumstances and provide them with a safe and stable working environment so they can earn a good income over the long term.

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