Backpage Singapore – What Happened To It?

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Most people have heard of Backpage in Singapore, which is basically just a classified ad site to the majority of the population in Singapore. However, Backpage is also very well known for its personals section on its website. In case you are still unaware, Backpage SG has been seized by the federal government in the US back in 2018. As a result of that, the worldwide operations of the company came to a halt immediately after that due to investigations. Here are some more details.

What exactly was Backpage?

Backpage Singapore

A old screen capture of the Backpage website using caching technology.

Backpage was essentially a classified ad site, highly similar to that of Craigslist and Gumtree, though Craigslist is the closest to it in terms of operations and size.

Being an international classified ad site with presence too in Singapore, people were using the site for a variety of needs. Some were posting job ads, others were selling unused house hold items on it. Therefore, to those who are unaware, the seizure of the website may have come as a relative surprise.

What happened to Backpage?

The website and company was accused that it was actually making the bulk of their money and income from illegal transactions within the adult and personals section of the classified ad site.

Such litigious actions are very common in the US, and most of these websites or companies which get sued or accused usually come out with complete and utter exoneration. That was the case with Backpage too in fact in the past due to a law which provided exemption of responsibility for a website for the actions and contents generated by other users on the website. Additionally, simply getting the bulk of their money from a few sources within their business alone did not prove anything.

So why did what happened, happen to Backpage?

One of the key reasons is because the website was found to be facilitating transactions for child prostitution and human trafficking. These two activities were found to be widespread on the website, and the investigations found that the company top executives were actively facilitating those activities! As a result, the entire company was forced to shut down.

As Singapore was one of the branches and countries that the website was targeting, naturally, Backpage SG was also seized and shut down too.


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