Find Genuine Local Call Girls In SG Without Getting Cheated – How To?

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Many freelance girls and even some agency girls may be using fake photos and profiles. Don’t let this happen to you. Want an agency which uses genuine photos and only provides good, honest recommendations to clients? Use our Singapore escort services then.

For more tips, read on.

  • If you are looking for a Singaporean girl, and the ‘person’ shows her full face photos, it is likely that it is not her in the picture. Singaporean girls are a conservative bunch and do not like showing face photos to unknown clients. Therefore, regardless if the girl is a freelance or from or attached to an agency, she will be unlikely to show full face photos if she’s a genuine local woman. Therefore, do not fall to the stupid trick that fake locals constantly use which is sending you full face images – those are a clear sign she is not a real local.
  • Just do a simple reverse image search on Google. If you can find the image being used in thousands of other websites, it is probably a scam! Run! In the worst case scenario, maybe a guy will turn up in place of the lady you were supposedly booking! If no results can be found with a reverse image look up, the picture may not necessarily be real still, but there is a much higher chance it is real.
  • Most agencies or girls who use real photos dare to back it up with a claim that if they look nothing like their images, it is free for you. So make sure to try to get this guarantee in writing from the escort or the agency. The real ones would be more than happy to do that for you. It is only reasonable for customers to request for that. Generally speaking, agencies are better than freelancers.