Which Is The Smarter Option – Select From An Agency Or Freelance Girl?

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When it comes to escorts, you can date them from a company or freelance girls. Which path should you take?

Stability and trustworthiness of the girls

First and foremost, one of the biggest pros of finding them through an agency is that if they are a trusted and registered company, you can take assurance in that they are out to run a proper business for the long term. The caveat being that you need to do your prior due diligence on the company beforehand. The potential liability you may suffer if you engage a freelance girl is that she could potentially be a scammer, in that she provides completely fake photos which she looks nothing like.

Comparing convenience

Second of all, it is sometimes more convenient to go through a trusted agency in Singapore, because you just need to go through them for different girls in future. There is no need to sift through lots of fake and inactive profiles when it comes to freelancers. This can seriously save you a lot of time that would otherwise be required whenever you want to make a single booking.


One of the main downsides to an agency is that they usually cost more. If you do not mind splashing out more for a genuine experience, then a company is your better choice. If budget is the only thing weighing on your mind and you can accept the lady potentially not looking anything like her provided images, then going for a freelancer may be your better option. You just need to accept that because they are cheaper, it is really hit or miss when it comes to freelance ladies.

If you are still not sure yet, then maybe you could check out some popular night scene activities in Singapore to chill first while deciding whom you should make a booking from!