The Variety And Kind Of The Men Who Look For Escorts

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Wonder who are the type of men who look for social escorts in Singapore? It is probably not who you think! They’re not sleazy, and are often successful and smart.

Most of these clients who look for these girls are aged between 30 to 45 years of age.

One of the reasons for this is because most guys this age would have reached nearly their peak when it comes to their careers – and therefore, they will have more liquid spending power. Rich guys just love these paid models. Another reason is that these guys usually struggle with meeting girls through conventional means such as Tinder or offline pick ups, because girls do not usually even bother replying men whom they view as much older than them.

They almost always white collared businessmen or business executives holding high positions.

If you are wondering what kind of positions, they can be positions such as Vice Presidents of companies, or very commonly also C level executives or company owners.

They are often highly educated as well, and usually hold a degree or above.

Most of these guys who look and find paid companions are actually highly educated, and are not lowly educated men.

Many of these men are time crunched and have very little time to date normally, and hence turn to options such as escorts.

Most of them put a heavy focus on their careers, and do not even have enough rest time for themselves very often. Therefore, dating the regular way is virtually impossible. Thus they turn to such short term solutions.

There is a healthy mix of locals and foreigners who engage such services in SG.

There are local guys who order such services and make booking, as well as visiting foreigners and businessmen to our country.

There are also some young guys who are successful who look for our agency and us. While rare, this is definitely highly possible due to the Internet, and many guys making it rich on the Internet or something related to it while still young.

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