Why Do Escorts Cost So Much To Date?

What are some of the reasons why call girls do not come cheap? They are as follows.

These ladies and their services do not come cheap at all, especially those high class ones. That is the case regardless of the country or city you are in, but definitely the case especially in more conservative nations such as Singapore. If you are wondering why they are never dirt cheap, the reason for that is because there is far too much demand for them by men all around the world, including both tourists as well as locals. In fact, because the type of guys who look for their services are usually rich, this also drives up the prices easily.

Second of all, because we are a conservative nation, most of the women in the population are completely closed off to the idea of working as an escort. That is why it is so difficult to find freelance or agency girls who are actually Singaporean in citizenship. Because of this real lack of supply, due to simple supply and demand economics, prices for these models’ services go up.

There are all kinds of difficult clients that the women have to deal with on a daily basis, and because it is impossible to guarantee that every customer will be the perfect gentleman, they charge higher prices so that they are compensated just in case some turn out to be harder to please clients. While this is not the main reason for higher cost, it is one of the many.

Most of them want some security and privacy protection. Therefore, they go to places like agencies where they can get that as well as help with marketing them. Therefore, there is a commission to the agent. Even those freelance ones will still need to pay to the directories or listing ads to be shown more prominently. So while it appears like there are no costs, there can be!