Why Many Rich People Simply Choose Escorts So They Can Skip Hassles

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While some people prefer using so called cheap methods of fishing for ladies like Tinder or the bar and club scene, the wealthy ones are spending big bucks on Singapore escorts and call girls instead, but for very good reasons.

Firstly, when it comes to rich people, time is very precious. Most of them are busy running their companies, or working a high executive position in a company. Either way, this means that their business or careers take a large chunk of their time. As a result, most of them simply do not have the time to go to the local bars or club scene to pick up ladies.

Second of all, being rich is definitely an attractive point to women. However, the problem with places like Tinder or the bar or night club scene in SG, every guy who is trying to pick up a girl pretends to be smooth and as though he has got lots of money whether it is true or not. Therefore, girls are extremely wary of men approaching them in such situations. Therefore, to prevent bumping into such issues, especially when it comes to wanting a no strings attached relationship, these rich men simply choose escorts instead.rich man

Third of all, some of these single men are older, and it can be quite difficult for these men to pick up chicks in the local pick up dating scene the normal way. This is because of some girls thinking that hanging out and meeting a much older man is seen as taboo. Therefore, most of the local women will reject these rich but older men automatically, or even on a subconscious level. Because of difficulties like these, and since these men are also not looking to get married anytime soon, they choose an escort instead.

So the above are definitely reasons why there is high demand for paid companions in our city.