Why Do Girls In Singapore Work As Escorts?

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Here are some of the common reasons why girls in Singapore pick up an escort job.

  1. They want to save up for and pay off their tuition fee loans. Studying at the tertiary level, even with the government grant may not be cheap. Unfortunately, not every girl comes from a very rich family background in Singapore. Many come from average or below average house hold income families. Therefore, these girls work hard to save up so that they can go for further studies.
  2. Some girls may want luxury items. Handbags are a hot favourite among girls in general in Singapore. This may remain a pipe dream for many students who are not lucky enough to be born into really rich families who can reward their children with such frivolous purchases. Even for younger working adults in their 20s or even early 30s, it is a relatively big chunk of their income. However, they are often a reality for escorts. This is because many of these girls work as one part time, and even have a full time career. This means that any additional income they earn from this is treated by them as additional income, and they simply spend it on such conspicuous goods.
  3. It is one of those jobs where you can work even if you are working a full time office job or are a full time student. You will still be able to earn a lot of money – though very often, only the hardworking ones do so. This allows a lot of flexibility. You see, most people are worried if they are deciding if they should switch careers or industry. However, it does not take that much courage to simply add on another, as it can only benefit them, and the risk is low.