TTvip7 – Are These ‘Escort’ Websites Safe For Use At All?

TTVip7, also known as TTvip, are self proclaimed escort websites which look more like a classified or listing sites where you can browse through pictures of scantily clad women from China providing their services in Singapore. Well, if you want the fast conclusion, the answer is that they are not legal, so do not use them if you want to prevent unnecessary mishaps and problems. And if you want a legal service, you can contact our escort agency instead.

Are websites like TTvip7 even legal and safe for you to view as well as to use at all? And perhaps even engage one of their girls? Let us take a deeper dive into their website proper.

First of all, TTvip7 is clearly geared towards Chinese, as everything on the website with the exception of numbers are written in Mandarin only.


A screen grab of the website TTvip7

Second of all, take a look at the photograph or rather, a screenshot of the website above. As you can tell, they provide the details of the girls as well as sexual services which are provided by the girls! What does this mean – prostitution. However, just because there is prostitution going on does not necessarily and immediately render the website illegal. Let us make sure that the acronyms are actually referring to what we think they may be referring to. For the purpose of this, let us click on the right most girl in the screenshot above to see more about her.

TTvip screenshot 2

This is what we will see if we clicked on the rightmost profile of the screengrab in the above photo.

Thirdly, as you can tell, it is not much more than the first page other than the provision of a contact number. However, more interesting things appear as we scroll down the page!

third screenshot

This is what we will see if we scroll down on her individual page and profile.

Wow! You clearly see that this lady over here is providing sexual services in return for the cash you are paying her. So it clearly means this is prostitution over the Internet to clients. However, the law in Singapore used to only prohibit public solicitation, and this is considered over the Internet, so is it legal for them to operate and for you as a potential client to use?

Unfortunately for the website TTvip7, with and after the amendments a few years ago back in 2016 to the Section 146A of the Women’s Charter in Singapore, it is now also an offence for a person or entity to operate or maintain in Singapore, in the course of business, a remote communication service (such as a website) that offers or facilitates the provision by a woman or girl to another person of sexual services in return for payment or reward, or that organises, manages or supervises the provision of such sexual services.

As such, you can clearly tell that the answer is that no, these sites are not allowed to operate here in Singapore at all. Now, while there are laws governing these websites, there are currently no laws on clients as long as the girls are not underaged. However, if you are a successful businessman, for the sake of your sanity, and future reputation, you definitely should avoid them, just in case you get caught in a sting.

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